Web Team

As per direction of the Governing Body in its meeting held on 31-01-2011 a Website Committee for Uploading  of this College is formed with the following member

1.    Dr. Runu Bhattacharyya, Principal, i/c                    Chairperson
2.    Mr. Nirmal Ranjan Mazumdar, Librarian                 Convenor
3.    Dr. Khagesh Sen Deka, HoD, Assamese              Member
4.    Dr. B. Kr. D. Choudhury, HoD in Physics               Member
5     Mr. A. Rahaman, HoD in Statistics                         Member
6.    Sri Montu Saikia, Asst. Prof. in English                   Member
7.    Sri P. Kalita, HoD in Computer Science                 Member
8.    Dr. D. Konwar, Asst. Professor in Botany              Member


Arup Sarmah, MCA (TU)