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i.      Students should go through the Notice Board at the time of entry & exit every day.

ii.     Smoking and taking intoxicating drugs are strictly prohibited in the College campus.

iii.    Students must come in proper College Uniform.

iv.    Students must maintain decorum and foster high standard of discipline by words and deeds.

v.     Blowing vehicle horns in the College campus is strictly prohibited.

vi.   The College ldentity Card issued to each student is to be brought to the College every day and the same is to be produced when asked for.

vii.   Any form of ragging in the College premises is strictly prohibited, violation of which invites strong disciplinary actions.

viii. Terms and conditions embodied in the Brochure are liable to be modified and revised whenever necessary.

The current academic session begins on July 16, 2011 and ends on June 2012.
 The College hour is from 9.15 A.M. to 4.45 P.M. on all working days.
 A minimum of 75% of the total classes held is to be attended by each student failing which invites the following modes of penalty-

i.     Students attending less than 75% of total classes held  = Non-Colegiate (NC); they are to pay NC fee @ 100/-

ii.    Students attending less than 60% (HS) and 65% (TDC) of total classes held = Discolegiate (DC); SUCH STUDENTS WILL BE EXEMPTED FROM APPEARING THE FINAL EXAMINATIONS.



Organization is an essential mechanism for the success of an institution. In addition to the cells and committees constituted for overall functioning, Pub Kamrup College at present has the following associations and forums-


               A) National Service Scheme (NSS) : The College has a unti of  NSS under Gauhati University. The Unit is supervised by the Programme Officer recruited from among the teachers.

               B) Scouts & Guides : The Pub Kamrup College Rover Wing of Bharat Scouts & Guides, launched on 3rd January, 2011 is another major element of the organizational pattern of the College. The Ranger Wing of the Unit will be launched in this session.




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