College Magazine : 

                    Pub Kamrup College Âlochani (Pub Kamrup College Magazine), published annualy is considered the mouthpiece of the College. It is the rearer of young talents in the fields of art and letters.

News Bulletin : 

               It is published annually to record and highlight the significant incidents and achievements in and around the College, but related to the College family or individual members of the College family.
Department Journals : 

                      Many individual departments have their Department Journals where the respective departments try to inspire the students to mull over the latest developments and to reflect on the same. Darsânâ by the Department of Philosophy, Seuji of Geography and Strive of English Department are among such publications.
Wall Magazines : 

                Every Department regularly publishes issues of its wall magazine as an attempt to nurture and encourage the students to pen their ideas on both contemporary and enduring issues.

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