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Department of Physics

     Year of Establishment: 1986           Establishment of Major Course: 1998 
              Phone & Fax: ... 

      Courses offered:

     :HS course 
              :Three year Degree Course (B.Sc)

      Faculty members: 

      Name:  Dr Chitralekha Talukdar (HOD)
      Designation:  Associate Professor 
      Educational qualification:  MSc, PhD 

      Area of Specialization: Solid State Physics, Thermophysical Properties of Different Fibers  
      contact Number: 94354-06890 

      Name:  Dr Julie Saikia 
      Designation: Associate Professor 
      Educational qualification: MSc, PhD
      Area of Specialization:Nuclear Physics, Cosmic Radiation  
      contact Number: 96780-10476   

      Name: Dr Navajyoti Choudhury 
      Designation: Associate Professor 
      Educational qualification:  MSc,  PhD 

      Area of Specialization:Particle Physics, Nanomaterials 
      contact Number:98640-57202 

      Lab staff/Department Bearer:

      1. Mr. Tilak Chandra kakati 
                2. Mr. Jogeswar Das 

      Name of Wall Magazine:


      Departmental Society:

      Physical Society, Pub Kamrup College