Red Ribbon Club

As per guideline of the State Aids Control Society, the Progrramme Officer on NSS of the Institution should be Convener of the Red Ribbon Club. So, Mr. Nripendea Deka, Programme Offcer,i/c will be the convener and Dr. Manash Barhakur will be the member of the Club with other 3 new members will be included in to the Committee.

1.    Sri Nripendra Deka, Asst. Prof. in History                  Convener
2.    Dr. Manash Barhakur, Asso. Prof. in Zoology            Member
3.    Dr. Utpaljyoti Medhi, Asso. Prof. in Chemistry           Member
4.    Sri Lohit Ch. Deka, Asso. Prof. in Zoology                Member
5.    Sri Dipen Dezbaruah, Asso. Prof. in English               Member
6.    Sri Montu Saikia, Asst. Prof. in English                      Member
7.    Md. Ayez Ali, asst. Prof. in Geography                      Member
8.    Mr. Nirmal Ranjan Mazumdar, Laibrarian                    Member
9.    Dr. Dipak Konwar, Asst. Prof. in Botany                    Member