Extension Education Cell

The 11 member “Extension cell” is constituted with Dr. Runu Bhattacharyya, as the chairperson, and Dipen Bezbaruah as the convener. The committee has envisioned bringing out of socio-cultural and socio-economic development in the neighbouring areas of the college through education. It has conceptualized that the college, as a center of higher education, can bring substantial development in various of human activities in its neighbouring areas. It also realizes that the college as a whole is abundant in human resources. which, if utilized properly, can bring a great social change.
Keeping these things in view, the Extension Education cell of this college has framed a plan categorized as Short and Long Term Program for materializing the thoughts and ideas envisaged by the Cell.

Short Term program :
    Debate competition, symposium and so on among school children.
    Workshops for school children.

    School teachers’ training programs in all the subjects.

    Awareness programs concerning socio-cultural, socio-economic,
    environmental and health issues

Long Term Program :
    Setting-up two or more branches of Extension Education Cell in two defferent schools. Guidance and necessary materials wil be provided by the Extension Education Cell of the college. These branches will in the respective areas in materializing the thoughts of the Cell.

    A survey will be conducted in some selected villages to find out an exact picture of the socio-economic condition of these villages. People’s knowledge about health, hygiene and cleanliness will also be appraised.

    After the survey is done, one or two village will be adopted by the college. An adopted village will avail free guidance and suggestion in terms of finance management, educational or professional career, environmental and health issues.

    Financial assistance will be sought from various agencies to implement some of the programs in the adopted village.