About Us

Brief History : 

                Pub Kamrup College was set up in 1972, initially with Arts Stream by local people led by doyens of this locality. It is still grateful to the then Sita Nath Dhing High School (now, Agdala Chariali High School) for providing temporary accomodation for its functioning since Angust 21, 1972 to 1975.

Affiliation : 

                The College is affiliated to the Gauhati University (affiliation attained on 24th November, 1973)
Present  Status : 

                        The College was brought under the GIA System of Assam Government on 1st September, 1979 and, subsequently was Provincialized with other 190 Degree Colleges of the State in December, 2005. The UGC affiliation under Section 2(f)/12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 was attained by the College on 3rd August, 2002.

NAAC Accreditation: 

                The College was accredited at ‘B’ level after the first assessment in 2004. The College is preparing to invite the National Council for the second assessment shortly.

College Emblem : 

                        The numerals ‘1972’ inscribed upon the base of the emblem in the style of a shield means the year of establishment of the College. The book, flower, Sarai and Gamosha shown at the centre of the emblem signify knowledge, beauty and culture respectively. The bunch of paddy and the flame of the bonti in the middle symbolyse prosperity and light of knowledge. The pinions symbolyse the progression towards science and technology.
 Infrastructure :

i. Total land area :     The land area covers the College campus, Girls’ Hostel Campus, Fishery Project &  the site for Play Ground. Total land area :  5.95 acres.    

ii. Total built-up area : The built-up area comprises the Administrative Block, Department Officess, Class Rooms, Library, Computer Lab, Office of different Cells, Department Science Laboratories, Students’ Common Rooms, Canteen, Lavatories, Vehicle Stand, Girls’ Hostel Campus, Fishery Project and Water Supply Project etc. Total built-up area : 3812.45 Metres